Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do You Remember Me?!

Yes I suck at blogging! But I promise I will be back! I know you have missed me ;) haha. Pretty much I have been too lazy to update. But check back soon! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Koby is now just over 3 months. He is getting to be such a big boy. He is starting to grab things and knaw on his hands. He loves to coo and talk to you. He is definately a happy baby! I'm not sure what he weighs but I would guess around 15 pounds. He is fat :) He has his 4 month check up at the end of the month. I cannot believe it's almost been 4 months already! Man, where does the time really go?! He is sleeping better too. Some nights he sleeps through, some nights he doesn't. But I'll take that! He is turning into the best cuddler, all I wanna do is just kiss him!


On Saturday, we made our 1st smores of the season! We let the kids go at it and it got quite messy, lol. As you can see on Rileigh, she has half of it across her forehead :) Rileigh decided she likes making them more than eating them, but Tyler sure loves to eat them! I think even Koby wore some of it, lol.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finally, an update! :)

After much slacking, here is some updates. I didn't add alot of pictures since I do not have alot of time. But here is a sampler :) Next I need to update Koby! The pictures are backwards.....oops ^
Rileigh and Tyler after they made their "hats" the other day when we were bored.

Playing with Brock and Trey @ Jenn's parents. It was one "dirty" day, lol. They were mud from head to toe by the time the day was over!

"bowling night" we went as couples cosmic bowling at lakeview lanes. It was quite interesting there on a friday night, but we had fun, lol

Rileigh on her "birthday". This is the cake Jenn brought over for her. She is so thoughtful to my kids and I! I am so lucky to have her ;)

Rileigh at her birthday party. She had a bowling party in Oswego. I think the adults had more fun bowling than the kids. Another cake well done by Becky!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


(A little late) Last Friday Koby had his 2 month appointment. I can not believe he is 2 months already! WOW does time fly. He is such a little ham and is getting so much older everyday. He talks and smiles like crazy and now he is starting to grasp things. He is a pretty good baby, not good at sleeping, but good in general, lol. I love his stage right now, I just wish I could freeze the time so he wouldn't get any older!
Last Friday he was:
*WEIGHT: 13 lbs 1 oz (90th percentile)*
*HEIGHT: 23 3/4 " (75-90th percentile)*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amy Davis!!

Today we had our pictures taken by Amy Davis, let me just say that was an interesting experience. First I will start by saying the she was great! She was very patient and good with the kids. She is not a professional photographer, but she she is good at it and you can't beat her price! Now I will tell you a little about my experience........
First, I went by myself with 3 kids because Austin had to work. I was nervous about trying to do it all by myself to begin with. Of course, Tyler was the one to act like a MONSTER! He wanted NOTHING to do with getting his picture taken! so that ruined my chances of getting a good pic with the kids. So we were unable to get one with just the 3 kids as well. The very FEW shots we got of him we were lucky to even get. Nothing would work to get that kid to take a picture. Then we have sweet little man Koby who did nothing but puke all over the place. lol. Rileigh was the only one who cooperated which is why there is so many of her. Although, she kept doing this cheesy fake smile! But I got some really cute onesof her which made it all worth it. I want to go back in a couple months with Austin in hope for a GOOD family picture. I guess all I can do is laugh :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Spring!! I Think

I think Spring finally broke today! 60 degrees has never felt so better! Here is what we did today........

Here are some other random pics since I haven't updated in a while :) This one is of us relaxing after Church on Sunday....Rileigh wanted to take a picture with my camera, and I must say she did pretty good!
Here is Koby at 6 weeks (last week). He is getting so fat and round, lol. All he does is eat! He is 7 weeks tomorrow already. Next week he has his 2 month appt and shots already :( I cannot believe how much time has passed already.....where does it go?!

Here is just a few random Outback Steakhouse pics from when Rainy came home. They are dark bc I realized my camera was on the wrong setting. Our kids were being terrors so we couldn't get a family pic, those are hard to come by these days, lol.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

♥Koby's Blessing♥

A little late, I know, but last sunday we had Koby's baby Blessing in Church. He was also blessed with Jimmy and Racheal's new princess, Brinley. Ironically, their son Tristan, and Rileigh were also blessed on the same day :) It is always a special day for these babies to be blessed by their daddy's. Austin gave Koby a very special blessing, it's always an emotional moment for fathers ♥

this was the "best" family pic we were getting after a long day at Church, lol

Some of the gang...we were missing Jimmy and Racheal and Brinley

the "3 muskateers" again, haha

Monday, March 2, 2009

Are you kidding me?!

Seriously, what is Jason thinking?!!! I am so stunned with the Bachelor finale.....I thought he was such a nice guy and he totally sucked me in the show this season....then he turned out to be a heartbreaker! Poor Melissa! She was way too cute. I thought Molly was so annoying and I so thought he was better with Melissa. What a chump! Well I vote for Melissa to be the next Bachelorette :) That was disappointing for sure....but I guess it made for good TV, haha.

My Little Artist......

Last night as I was walking into my living room, I just happen to notice this beautiful artwork on the wall. I looked at it and immediately knew who did it! Usually in these cases I wouldn't be a happy camper......but looking at it I was actually very proud! I thought it was a very good drawing for a 3 year old! Of course it is washable, I do not allow anything BUT in my house :) Now Rileigh still will not admit that she did it, but I thought it was a little advanced for a 2 year old, lol. I almost do not want to wash it off because I am so proud of her drawing ♥

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 is the Koby update everyone is requesting :)

Ok, so I know that I totally suck at updating this blog.......but 3 kids are alot work you know! lol. But here it is.....and I promise to do better ;)
Koby is now 4 weeks today....where did the time go! He is getting older and starting to lose is newborn look :( His cry is starting to change and he is getting a personality. He is getting bigger too. He is almost 10 pounds. He is so cute and all I wanna do is kiss him. I am trying really hard to enjoy him every moment since I know how fast it goes. My baby making days are coming to an end, lol. He is so much more alert now and is almost getting to the point where he is going to crack a smile. He is trying so hard to hold his head up too. He is definatley a little love bug ♥
Here are a few pics, they were all taken today except the 1st one....that was last week.

CrAzY kIdS!!

The other night at about 8:00 I look under the table and this is what I Find......he feel asleep under the table, that's desperation, lol

Sometimes Tyler likes to show his "femine" side :) I guess it's ok when you are only at 15, I might wonder, haha

Rileigh LOVES to do her makeup.....she is a total girly-girl. she is 3 and I have to fight with her already over my makeup. But she goes have her own, which I must say, I hate! But once in a while I let her get it out and go to town and this is the (and her embarassed face).